Kylie Cabo is a high level independent escort in Cabo San Lucas who offers the best in Latin passion and North American value.  If you're hoping for an inexpensive Mexican hooker puta, you need to keep looking.  Kylie is a luxury item, like a Ferrari or a Cartier necklace.  Her prices are actually reasonable for Cabo San Lucas;  two hours cost $500 USD.  Kylie is just returning from a year off from escort work, where she lived and worked (a normal job) in New York City.  Her English was excellent, and is now flawless.  Her sense of style has been enhanced by a year in Manhattan.  The only thing that has not changed is her down-to-earth personality and sense of fun.  You will enjoy every minute, whether you are in a fine restaurant, a night club or in the privacy of your bedroom.


If you are a refined gentleman, please stop reading.  For those of you who still don't understand you are on the wrong page, Kylie doesn't send dirty pictures.  She won't answer crude, rude or abusive emails.  She doesn't reply to guys who aren't in Cabo. (Only about 2% of inquiries outside of Cabo actually become clients.)  She knows all the hotels and residential districts.  Kylie does not attend cheap guys at budget hotels, nor will she go to private residences in bad neighborhoods.  She's far from prudish or frigid.  She is seduced and enchanted by good manners and intelligent conversation, not dirty talk.  Normal guys with healthy attitudes, stylish clothes, a dash of expensive cologne and a little patience are rewarded beyond their wildest fantasies.  College guys with a six pack of beer, goofy sandals and too much testosterone need not apply.   She estimates that she turns down more clients than she accepts, mostly because their approach is disrespectful.  More than half of Kylie's clients are repeat customers.  No one complains the service wasn't worth the money.   Marriage proposals are common.  Kylie is 100% Mexican, and Latina girls know how to please a man. 














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