AContact Kylie


Prices:  $500 USD, two hours

             $1,000 USD, five hours



Kylie is selective, but not stuck up.  The gentlemen who enjoy this high level escort are normally over 30, financially secure, well dressed, well-educated and well-mannered.  Unfortunately, many visitors to Cabo belong in Tijuana.  Their initial inquiries are crude, requesting porno pictures using street language.  She doesn't respond.  She is waiting for a gentleman like yourself.


A high level escort is like a bottle of fine wine.  A connoisseur takes pleasure in the selection process. He enjoys uncorking the bottle.  He doesn't guzzle, he savors.  A beautiful woman like Kylie doesn't like being rushed.  But a gentle man who takes his time gets more than a girlfriend experience.  Kylie gives everything to a man who knows how to savor a beautiful woman.


Kylie appreciates information on your first contact.  It is how she decides who to respond to.  She wants to know


.The day you want your appointment

.The time you want to begin

.The number of hours you want; 2 hours or 5 hours

.The name of your hotel

.The room number, or (if you have not arrived) when you anticipate knowing your room number

.Your full name



Beware. If you are selected, you will enter a world of pleasure that will create the standard by which you measure other women.


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